Rubinacci shirting


Rubinacci is regarded as most of the most influential modern day Italian tailors to date. Headed up by  Mariano and Luca, they have stores in Naples, Milan and London and clients throughout the world. They are renowned for their unconstructed tailoring with a style traditionally built for the hot weather in Naples. Last week I […]

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Incotex Cycling collection


Incotex have just released their first cycling collection, which is now available from Mr Porter. The Incotex collection is a necessary and long overdue introduction into tailored menswear, with Rapha pretty much owning the casualwear city cycling clothing market. A few of our favorite pieces from the collection are below, all with meticulously designed details specifically […]

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Few people change the outlooks of conventional ideas such as that of traditional menswear, but one guy who has done this is Agyesh Madan, who you may previously know from Isaia. It is fair to say that Agyesh has probably inspired most people who have an interest in tailoring, whether you know it or not. […]

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